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Western Electric Telephones

Identification Aid for desk telephones from 1925 to 1984
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Rotary Telephones
A-type mounting   B-type mounting   C-type mounting   D-type mounting

E-type mounting   G-type mounting   WE H-mounting   WE L-mounting   WE

WE 320   WE 322 - Elevator   WE 325 Outdoor   WE 5302 with F Handset
WE 500D blue   WE 500-series keyset   WE 554 wall set   WE Call Director   WE 500-series Wall Keyset

WE 500-series
          Automatic Dialers   WE 500-series Panel
          Phones   WE 520   WE 525 Outdoor   WE 526 Outdoor

Touch Tone Telephones - 10-button dial
WE 1500D   WE 1500-series keysets   WE 1500-series Call
          Directors   WE 1500-series
          Automatic Dialer   WE 1500-series Panel
          Phones   WE 1500-series wall set
Touch Tone Telephones - 12-button dial
WE 2500-series desk set   WE 2500-series keyset   WE 2500-series
          Call Director   WE 2500-series Automatic
          Dialer   WE 2500-series Panel

WE 2525   WE 2526   WE 2500-series wall set   WE 2500-series wall
Touch Tone Telephones - 16-button dial
WE 3500-series desk set -
          Autovon   WE 3500-series Keyset -
          Autovon   WE 3500-series Call Director   WE 3500-series Automatic

Princess Telephones
WE Princess Rotary   WE Princess, Touch Tone,
          10-button dial   WE Princess, Touch Tone,
          12-button dial
Design Line Telephones
WE Design Line -
          Accent   WE Design Line -
          Celebrity   WE Design Line -
          Country Junction   WE Design Line -
          Big Button   WE Design Line -

WE Design Line -
          Noteworthy   WE Design Line -
          Telstar   WE Design Line -
          Stowaway    WE Design Line
          - Sculptura

For other Design Line models, go to the Design Line Page


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2011 paulf.  All rights reserved.