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Leich 7H6 Conversion Kit

Makes a North H-series set look somewhat like an AE80


North H-series set     7H6 Kit     Leich 7H6-M conversion kit

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7H6 Kit installed using North 7H6 parts
Bottom View
Bottom view

North 7H6 bottom plate
North baseplate and components
Interior view

North 7H6 bottom plate, 1950

7H6 Kit installed using Western Electric 302 parts

Apparently refurbishers didn't always follow the instructions!
302 base plate
Bottom view

WE 302 bottom plate

Note the mounting screw on the left of the photo had to be relocated downward to match the different screw position in the housing that was designed to fit only the North bottom plate.

See how North knock-off housings solved this problem.  Click here.
302 base plate
Interior view

WE 302 bottom plate, 1953


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