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WANTED:  Telephones

Please contact me if you have ANY interesting or unusual phones for sale or trade.
Here are some areas I'm currently collecting.

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Any Western Electric 500 phone or parts dated in 1949 or thru June 1950.
Detailed photos also welcome.

(This is for ongoing research for this page on the WE 500 series.)

Western Electric Data Set 103G
Data phone with card reader

WE Data Set 103G

Field Trial Sets

just about any Western Electric set with a 5-digit F- or D- code on the bottom.

See the Development pages for more examples.

Executive Prototype       Magnetic Dialer
Executive Keyset                                                 Magneic Dialer  F-54165

Executive keyset
Executive Keyset

F-52937 wall set       Dial In Handset      Capri Speakerphone   
Wall Set F-52937                            Dial In Handset F-52578                                   Capri Speakerphone                    
Trimline F-56093    302 Prototype
Trimline marked F-56093                    WE302 metal set

TouchTone Prototype     TouchTone Prototype
Early Touch Tone Sets with various button styles and layouts.

Touch Tone Princess
Princess or other sets with buttons in a rectangular reserve.

Selective Dialer
Selective Dialer 

Teleconcepts, Inc. Phones

Interesting and unusual "modern art" sets in lucite or wood.
For example:

Teleconcepts Chrome Nouveau     Teleconcepts Executive Multi Line     Teleconcepts Mark II Wall Set
       Chrome Nouveau                                      Executive (Multi Line)                                Mark II Wall Set

See the Teleconcepts page for more examples.

Western Electric 300 Series Rotary Phones

332 or 334 Receiver volume control (hookswitch knob has 3 positions)
412 Secretarial keyset
461 or 465 keyset with exclusion key

WE444 keyset

Western Electric 500 Series Rotary Phones
(Also the similar 1500 and 2500 TouchTone sets)

Model numbers are usually clearly marked on the bottom plate in ink.

See the 500 Series page for more examples.
WE544 gray  WE1512  WE2514
500-series                                   1500-series                           2500-series

Any 500 model in the following pre-1958 colors:
-52 Gray (Dark Gray, Oxford Gray)
-54 Brown (Mahogany Brown)

511X (with voice coupler)
512 (secretarial)
513B (Data-Phone keyset with lamp)
516B ("make-busy" turnkey and indicator lamp)
522 (elevator phone)
529 (No network, 12 conductor cord)
533 (Party line w/ receiver amplification)
535 (receiver amplification and push to listen button)
556 (party line wall set)
557 (wall set for long loop)
559 (party line wall set for long loop)
593 (wall, no ringer, no Bell System markings)
596 (COPAN military set)

565L keyset with turnswitch in rightmost position (exclusion key)

Any WE 1500-series phone (10-button touchtone pad), particularly Call Directors, Card Dialers and variations
(marked other than 1500D).
WE 1554 (wall set) in ivory (not beige or faded white).

WE 712BC Princess, secretarial
WE Princess phones with message waiting lights

WE 1702B Princess (10-button tone dial) in black or ivory

WE Trimline cords with message waiting light (H5AD)

ITT Trendline with message waiting lamp on the back of the handset

WE trimline handset with amplifier (2226A handset, volume control above the dial)
Trimline with amplifier

WE175x panel phone (with 10-button dial)
WE x75x panel phone with keyset

Panel Phone - keyset with speakerphone

Any WE Autovon set, Call Director, Card Dialer
(16-button keypad)

Autovon Call Director     Autovon Card Dialer

Any Dataset -- rotary or TouchTone

Unusual PBX consoles

63D Faceplate for this Comkey 416 set with HFAI (Model 983A) - any color:
Comkey speakerphone

Mini-Princess in pink, with handle marked
(about 4" long)

Dials: WE #1, #2

Handsets: WE E5, F6, G12, G36, G66

Documentation:  WE BSPs (Old and New Numbering)
especially numbers C46.102 - C54.115, and
Division C60
Division G80

Divisions 500 - 520 (Station Sets, Consoles, Key Systems, Apparatus)

See the BSP page for more examples.
Color catalogs or brochures covering the Design Line series or telephones in colors.

Magnavox telephones

such as the B-1 or B-2
with distinctive handset such as this:

Magnavox-style handset

Please send comments or photos of your favorite phones to: 

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