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North 541-series Telephones

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While similar to Western's 500 series, the North sets retained more of the earlier art deco lines of previous phones.  The streamlining details and recessed, matching-color fingerwheel and plungers contribute to their good looks.
Sets have been reported in the following colors:  Black, Emperor Blue (dark), Tawny Green, Executive Gray, Richland Red, Chartreuse Yellow, Pink, White, Indian Ivory, and Coral Sand (like WE's Rose Beige). 

Here are some examples and some interesting ringer variations.

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North 555 Beige Desk Set
Coral Sand
North Single Line Ringer
Straight line Ringer
North 555 Ivory Desk Set
Indian Ivory
North Tweeter
Ericsson Tweeter, bottom exit
North 555 White Desk Set
White, Clear fingerwheel
North Horn, top view
Ericsson Tweeter, Side Horn
North 555 White Desk Set, side view
White, Side View
(Slits machined in side are really straight and parallel.)
North Horn, side view
Ericsson Tweeter, Side Horn

North rose beige wall set
Coral Sand Wall Set
North freq ringer
Frequency Ringer
Note: TWO Clappers!! (Insert)

North Touchtone Desk Set
Coral Sand 10-button TouchTone Set - 11/62
Network marked 500084
Pad marked 25A3

Model numbers:
N-541 Straight hand-set cord.
N-542 Cradle-switch latch and straight hand-set cord.
Coiled handset cord.
N-547 Cradle-switch latch and coiled hand-set cord.
Superimposed ringing, straight handset cord.
Cradle-switch latch, superimposed ringing and straight handset cord.
Superimposed ringing, coiled handset cord.
N-557 Cradle-switch latch, superimposed ringing, coiled handset cord.
Info above from the North Telephone Handbook, Installation and Maintenance, 1956, provided by Jeff Webber.
N-561 Wall set, straight hand-set cord.
B-315 Conversion kit for converting a N-541 series desk telephone to N-561 series wall phone.
Info from a North price list dated 10/15/56.

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©2002-8 paulf.  All rights reserved.