Western Electric Design Models

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Photos courtesy of Lucent

Please help identify these photos of design models found at Indianapolis.
All are corded models.

Model name, date and any other info would be a big help!

This is a work in progress.  Please send additions and corrections.

1.  Unknown 1
Chest phone that looks like a book when closed.
2.  Unknown 2

Last Number Dialed under display
Bottom row:  M1, M2, M3
3.  Unknown 3

Flip phone.
4.  Unknown 4

M1, M2, M3
5.  Unknown 5

Both smooth and dimpled ("golf ball") were made.
 6.  Unknown 6
There is apparently a clock in this one.

When picked up, the bottom extends to reveal the dial pad.
Photos courtesy of Lucent

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©2005 paulf.  All rights reserved.