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Wall Telephones

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Conntcticut Wall Phone Connecticut Wall Phone -- An adorable little unit with bakelite case and soft plastic handset.  Base measures only 5¼w x 7½h x 3¾d.  The dial is an AE, with the fingerwheel pained gray (rarely seen).  There's no network or coil inside, and the number card reads "Connecticut Private Line",  so it was not intended for the public network.  However there are terminals inside marked L1, L2 and G.  When connected to a CO line, it dials out and rings just fine.
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Marked on back: Part No. 6305, 60 Cycles, July 17, 1956

Oki OKI  --  DAW-101, 1960. Case is only about 7" high. Interesting nickeled hanger for handset. Marked OKI on dial plate , fingerwheel, case and handset. Case has an applied metal diamond-shaped logo, with blue enamel background. 
Oki Logo on case
Used by independents in US. Marked on paper label : Model FA-43, Fanon Elec. Ind, Inc., Newark, New Jersey, Made in Japan.
  Cory Nameplate     
Coryphone Type A
Coryphone base
Coryphone Type A -- Anti-noise marine telephone made under Magnavox patents by Charles Cory & Son, Inc, New York, NY., ca. 1920s.  This model is made of brass, for shipboard use.  It is 6"w x 8 1/2" h x 5"d, weighs about 25 pounds and has a 1 1/2" threaded fitting for the conduit. 
The "electro-dynamic" receiver, with it's large horseshoe-shaped permanent magnets is in the body of the phone. Sound was conducted to the handset through a large flexible tube. The wires for the transmitter were woven into the tube's wall. 
Coryphone handset

The handset has an earpiece for each ear and a transmitter that admits background noise on both sides of the diaphragm to help cancel it out. Springs near the transmitter make it possible to hold the handset with one hand.

The handset hooks are the most substantial I have ever seen, and look like they could be dangerous on a rolling deck.

Magnavox literature touts the transmitter's successes in noisy environments:  "If your noise conditions are bad, Magnavox telephones will overcome them, even as they overcame the thunder of the Liberty motors on American airplanes during the war [WWI]. ... The racket of riveting hammers in a shipyard, or on a steel-frame building outside your office window, has no effect whatever on it.  A stamp mill in full blast is no place for an ordinary telephone, but a Magnavox anti-noise instrument will work perfectly there.  Other places where it will earn a welcome are: newspaper composing rooms and press rooms; knitting and spinning mills; machine shops; pipe works; garages; sawmills and planing mills; shingle plants; locomotive works; cotton gins; railroad yards; steam or electric foundries, power plants and gas works; blast furnace plants; and sheet metal works. These will suggest others.
  If your noise conditions are worse than anything we have named, Magnavox telephones will overcome them."

Gamewell Callbox Phone
Western Electric Callbox Phone

Unmarked.  Small tag on top "Patent Applied for."  "Z40" cast into baseplate.

Goes in a large cast metal enclosure. Probably used by the beat policeman to report in or in a fire call box.  This one looks like it would fit a Gamewell box.

The lever activates a fascinating clockwork mechanism that generates the box location code.  Click for details.

Spanish Wall Phone SPANISH "HERALDO" WALL PHONE -- Interesting rounded styling on base and handset.  The ringer gongs are concentrically mounted with a clapper that strikes at an odd angle.  Has a wiring diagram inside.  Works great in the U.S.    Marked "APA-52.901-SNA-K, S-400.335, NO ECUALIZADO" and dated 4-71 inside. 
Produced from the early 60s thru 90s for CTNE, Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España.  While most were gray, cyan, red and ivory were also available.  The white button is a transfer call button ("botón de transferencia"). 
(Thanks Bill and Leila! -- They brought it from Spain as a gift when they came for a visit.  Thanks also to Eduardo for background info on this phone!)
DeVeau Intercom DE VEAU -- Wall intercom with watch case receiver, bakelite mouthpiece and nickeled bells on top -- marked "DeVeau" on transmitter and receiver.

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