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Automatic Electric Speakerphones

and related models using the 880-style case

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Speakerphones on this page:   AE 880 Rotary    AE 880 Tone
Related models:    AE 890    AE/WU Voice/Data    AE Autovon

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AE880 speakerphone in turquoise
AE TYPE 880 "EXECUTIVE MODEL" SPEAKERPHONE -- Obviously the "Suits" had trouble figuring out how to turn the standard model on and off.  In any case, they needed a bigger phone with a bigger speaker on their bigger desks.

For background on this comment, see the AE 88 Speakerphone here

Marked Type 880 Monophone  NB 88015 CSL  2-62 , turquoise.

Somewhere there must be a model with "VOLUME" in big letters under the volume control. 

AE Speakerphone
AE TYPE 880 "EXECUTIVE MODEL" SPEAKERPHONE -- Later version --  Well, I was close.  They put the words "Speaker Volume" ABOVE the volume control! 

Marked NO880120CSL278AB, dark green.

Note the later style one piece plastic fingerwheel.

                  Touchtone Speakerphone

Marked NC 880000 JSL, 10 71 57

Hmmm, had to make room above the switch for a number card.

AE 890
                  Data Phone
AE TYPE 890 Data Phone

Can't decide whether to use rotary or touchtone?  Use either!

OK, It's not a speakerphone, but it obviously uses the same plastic case.  Developed before all exchanges went touchtone, so you could dial your computerized service using the rotary dial, then talk to the service using the touchtone pad.  

Marked NB 8900 CSL, May 57 1977

AE Western Union ad

AE Western Union Voice/Data
AE /  Western Union Voice/Data Set

The drawing was from an ad announcing GT&E's "'broadband switching system,' designed and produced to Western Union specifications by our subsidiary, Automatic Electric.  It is being put into service by WU over a national microwave network.  Push buttons provide fast connection at desired bandwidth for highest transmission reliability."  The address on the ad includes a zone number, not a Zip code.

The phone has a grey case and beige handset.  There are no surviving model numbers on the case.  An orange sticker on the bottom contains:
"S/N 0001
California Public Utilities Commission
Equipment Authorized for Direct
Connection to Telephone Network.
Registration Number 0144"

A label on the back:
"Communications Supply Co.
Model D-530357-A
Data Terminal Set
S/N 0001"

Several articles describing the set and system behind it are in the Singing Wires January 2018 issue - available to Telephone Collectors International members in their on-line Members' Area.
AE Autovon
AE Autovon Set

Used on the military Autovon network.

See: WESTERN ELECTRIC 3500-series Telephone Types

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2002-3,2018 paulf.  All rights reserved.