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Manual Desk Telephones and Intercoms

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US Instruments intercom U.S. INSTRUMENTS -- Metal base with interesting bakelite handset and spitcup.  Selector switch for stations 1-11.  Marked "United States Instrument Corp." with logo on round switch plate.  Has a long braided cloth handset cord and a cloth line cord.
Loeffler LOEFFLER -- Metal base and cradle, bakelite handset with painted brass bands. Marked "LOEFFLER" on transmitter cap. 

Entire cradle moves up and down to activate hookswitch.

                  Intercom MURDOCK -- Bakelite base and handset.  Thick metal plate holds the pushbutton used to for signalling.  Marked "Murdock" in tiny letters on the inside of the case. 

Has a spiral plastic cord protector on both handset and line cords.

Edwards Intercom, 8 buttons
EDWARDS -- 8 station signalling buttons.

Looks like the same base as the Murdock above.

Many companies bought components from the same manufacturers and built their own phones.
                  Intercom, 10 station rotary switch
EDWARDS -- 10 station rotary selector switch plus signalling button.

Lever on front for pull-out station index.

(Missing selector knob.)
                  round base, 8 buttons
EDWARDS -- 8 station signalling buttons.

Round base.

AE handset.
DeVeau Intercom, 17 buttons
DeVeau -- 17 station signalling buttons.
Couch 50 station intercom, rotary dial
COUCH -- 50 station rotary dial with signalling button.
                  Intercom, 12 button round base
COUCH -- 12 station signalling buttons.
Vesco Lever
                  Selector - Doug Pav
(Photo from Doug Pav)
VESCO -- 8 station intercom with lever station selection and signaling button.

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2002-9 paulf.  All rights reserved.