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Kellogg 5100

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A Kellogg set using 1000 "Redbar" components, made to look like a Western Electric 500!
(As Western's 5302 used previous generation WE 302 internals.)

Kellogg 51000 in beige
At first glance, this set looks like a Western Electric 500.

The chrome fingerwheel and the number card retainer identify the dial as a non-WE dial, such as an Automatic Electric or Kellogg dial -- but the fingerstop is in the position of a Western dial, not an AE dial.
 K51000 bottom plate and markings
The bottom plate looks like a WE 500 set stamping, but most of the standard mounting holes are vacant.

The markings are Kellogg.  Steve Hartin informed us the top line decodes as follows:

  5100 - model number
  13 - color code for beige
  BA - Straight line ringer
  30 - no special features
  M - metropolitan number plate

Roger Conklin recognized that the K.C. in the small box indicates it was put together at Kellogg's Kansas City rebuilding operation.
K51000 internals
The inside view shows the familiar components from a K1000 "Redbar" set, including network, 113A coil, 225 capacitor, ringer, dial and dial wiring harness.

Dates on several internal components suggest it was assembled in 1963.

The housing has this logo:

Kellogg Logo
K51000 dial and hookswitch
This detail shows the back of the dial, which is clearly marked Kellogg.  Since we know the fingerstop on Kellogg dials is usually at the 6 o'clock position, we can see that it has been mounted at an angle, so the fingerstop shows up in the standard "Western" position.

Also note the fabricated lever to translate the motion of the cradle buttons to activate the plunger on the network assembly on the bottom plate of the set.  I believe this is unique to this set.
K51000 number ring
A closer look at the number ring shows that the letters and numbers are hot stamped and not double injection molded, as on the Western sets.

I'm interested in learning more about this set, such as dates available and colors produced.

If you have one, or any relevant documentation, please contact me.

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©2005 paulf.  All rights reserved.