Antique and Vintage Telephone Auction

The Collection of Paul Fassbender

Was Held

Saturday, October 31, 2015, 11 am
Preview: Friday Noon - 6 pm, Saturday  9 - 11 am
or by appointment

Gallery at Knotty Pine
West Swanzey, NH


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Current Status:

The auction was completed on October 31, 2015.  Thanks to all who participated either in person or via internet bidding.  Almost all the lots were sold and are headed to museums or collections.

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A large batch of additional photos has been added to the catalog.  They are primarily extra views of phones such as early candlesticks, wood phones and subsets, Teleconcepts geometric sets, AE 35 wall sets and Ericofons (to show the touch tone dials on some sets).

In addition, some lots now have photos highlighting one or two items that didn't show well in the group photos.

Here are some lots with new photos that deserve another look.

Lot 125 shows the translucent base on the presentation "speakerphone."

Lot 135 shows the metal clad Stowaway with the cover closed.

Lot 160 shows the internal cassette player that makes the Bear speakerphone point of sale display unit work.

Lot 185, the Western Electric 525BW outdoor phone.  Photos were added showing the interior with dial and handset and the back, showing the mounting bracket that is often not present.  The set also has a proper lock and key.

Lot 188 now shows the Bendix Radio logo and front of those units.

Lots 272 and 337 show the volume adjusting knob behind the cradle on the AE amplified sets.

Lot 277 shows the ringer lever adjustment on the side of the sets.

Lots 286 and 323 show the field trial stickers on the bottom of the Northern QSQE2500 ePhones.

Lot 387 has a back view showing the perches and knurled knob on the 20B.

Lot 388 shows a close-up of two of the Kellogg dial sets plus the components inside the subset.

Lot 396 shows the rotary doorknow assembly and transmitter paperweight/microphone.

Lot 398, a miscellaneous lot including two Imperial Princess set and strange shaped Stentofon and "Herald-a-phone" sets.

= = = = = = = = = =

The auction staff is expecting phone calls this week asking about lot details that are not easily shown in the photos.  For example, inquiries about chips, cracks or other cosmetic issues, or details that are hidden by other items in photos.  Their normal hours are 10am to 5pm Eastern Daylight Time.

If you're in the southern NH area, previews may be arranged by appointment before the general Friday preview.

Some lot number references were added to the photos below. They may show different views than are shown in the catalog.

The on-line catalog went live on Tuesday, October 13.  On-line bidding is available.

Any of these links should get you to the on-line catalog.

Please check back occasionally for status updates.


Auction Announcement
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787 Rte. 10 W. Swanzey NH 03469

The Collection of Paul Fassbender

SATURDAY OCT. 31ST @ 11:00 A.M.
Preview: Fri. Oct. 30th 12 - 6 pm & Sat. Oct. 31st  9 - 11 AM or by appointment

We are pleased to offer at public auction the single owner collection of antique & vintage telephones & accessories from the Paul Fassbender collection of Westford Ma. Paul Fassbender has been an avid telephone collector and historian for decades. An electrical engineer with a 30+ year career in the high-tech computer industry, he has authored numerous articles on the history and evolution of telephone models. In the 1990s, he created a reference web site, now, a definitive resource for telephone collectors worldwide. He is an expert on the history and variations of the Bell System's Western Electric production and pre-production telephones from the 1930s to 1970s, as well as decorator phones from all makers from the 1970s and 1980s.

Paul is currently a member of the Antique Telephone Collectors Association (ATCA) and Telephone Collectors International (TCI), and is a regular contributor to the Classic Rotary Phones Forum. He is a Director of TCI, Chairman of its Editorial Board, an editor of its monthly journal, Singing Wires, and an administrator of the on-line TCI Library, a repository of more than 11,000 telephony-related documents.

The auction includes an unprecedented variety of historical telephones and paraphernalia from the early 1900's through the end of the century. More than 3,000 telephones in over 400+ cataloged lots will be offered both live & online. Plus a bonus selection of 100+ lots for live attendees, not made available for online bidders. The sale gives a very unique opportunity for both dealers and collectors to share in his passion of telephone collecting.

Included are: antique wood and candlestick telephones of the early 1900s, metal desk and wall sets of the 20s - 30s, Deco-style Bakelite sets from the 30s - 40s, numerous and unusual variations of the standard Bell System "workhorse" phones from the 30s - 70s, "modern" decorator, character and novelty phones from the 70s - 80s, plus much more.

In addition to phones made in the US, there are telephones from Canada, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Spain, Egypt, Russia, Japan, Australia and other countries.

Too many items to list here. A partial list includes: Categories: standard single-line sets, keysets, consoles, magneto sets, interphone and intercom sets, field phones, railroad equipment, military phones, speakerphones, conference phones, automatic dialers, answering machines, teletrainers, novelty phones, decorator phones, phone toys, tools and test equipment, etc. Groupings: early production examples of popular models, unusual clear plastic geometric phones from Teleconcepts, a large group of Bell System Olympic 1984 phones with attached statues representing Olympic events, intercoms by Rauland and Dictograph, American Club LTD decorated Contempras, Grabaphones, Loeffler phones, etc. Attachments: directories, shoulder rests, ashtrays, and music-on-hold rests. Oddities: limited production voice stress and voice dialing telephones, phone lamps, Bell System commemorative items (e.g., a phone issued on the closing of the Western Electric Indianapolis phone manufacturing plant and bookends from the Kearney Works), a pen register with take-up reel, radio broadcast interface gear, etc. Parts: ringers, dials, subsets, housings, key boxes, speakerphone components, parts-donor telephones and parts for phone repairs.

(full online catalog avail. approx. 2 weeks prior to sale at  &

TERMS:  18% Buyers Premium (3% discount for cash or check) – Cash, Good Check, Visa,  MasterCard & Discover Accepted – Online bidding 18% Buyers Premium & 5% transaction fee (no discount).  Left & Phone Bidding Accepted w/ Credit Card Deposit - Not Responsible for Errors or Omissions – ALL LOTS SOLD AS IS & WITH ALL FAULTS!

NH Lic. #4006                         VT Lic. #2416                         MA Lic. #2734

Gallery at Knotty Pine Auction Service – 787 Rte. 10, PO Box 96, W. Swanzey NH 03469

4 ½ Miles South of Keene NH, Rte 10 South
Gallery Phone:  603-352-2313            e-mail:         Fax:  603-352-5019


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Auction Preparation:

Planning for the auction began over a year ago.

Items were organized and the auctioneer selected.

Beginning in mid-summer, over 450 boxes were collected. We were celebrities at the local supermarkets.
Banana boxes worked great, as they are strong, uniform size and stack well.

The boxes were packed and pre-sorted in four separate locations.

They were then trucked to the auction site and unpacked for final sorting and lot creation.
I wish I had that much display and work space at home.
Even so, the tables only held a fraction of the total items at one time.

Lots were created largely from a collector's perspective with model numbers where feasible.
Due to the numbers, most lots include several phones - hopefully in meaningful groups.

Each lot was then documented for the catalog.


Unpacking and creating lots

Creating Lots

Creating more lots

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Some Cataloged Items: Here are a few items that show some of the vairety in the auction.  See details in the on-line catalogs.  <page top>

BTMC phones with decals
Lot 8
Sticks and Cradle Phones
Lots 59, 101, 108, 45 and 52
UK GPO set
Lot 57
Lot 123
Lot 180 - Loeffler phones
Pink 5302 with repair
Lot 130 - Pink 5302
AE Electronic Secretary
Lot 139 - AE Electronic Secretary
528A Field Phones
Lot 44 - Western Electric 528A Field Telephones
528A Field Telephone - bottom view
Lot 44 - bottom view
Manhattan Top Box
Lot 63 - Manhattan - early hook
Olympics phones with statues
See lots 232, 264 and 299 -
Olympics 1984 phones with Marcel Jovine statues

Reference Info
Lot 189 - Select-O-Phone
KC Bearifone II POS  KC's Voice
Lot 160 - Bear Speakerphone
Point of Sale Unit
Watch a video on YouTube
AE 47 Chrome Trim
See lots 83, 183 and 261 - AE 47 with chrome trim
Wheatstone Bridge museum display
Lot 67 - Wheatstone Bridge
from the Boston Pioneer Museum
Bendix Mobile Control Heads
Lot 188 - Bendix Mobile Control Heads
Leich 70 - 90 sets
See lots 106, 154, 170, 206 and 231 -
Leich 70 - 90 type sets - mix & match components
Olympic Torch phone
Lot 232 - Olympics 1984
Voice Scramblers for Privacy
Lot 46 - A pair of Voice scramblers
Ivory sets, Ericofon 700s and a Connecticut set
See lots 138, 151, 156, 181 and 283
Dialess and Truth Quest phones
Lot 113 - Voice Dialing and Voice Stress phones
Lot 396 contains this rotary doorknob
Lot 396 contains this "rotary doorknob"
Lot 329 - Intercoms
Lot 329 includes these intercoms.  One has a strange handset.

There are 406 Cataloged Lots.  See them in the on-line catalog.

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Uncataloged Lots:  These must be viewed at the auction and are only available to live bidders.  There are over 100 uncataloged lots.

Includes variations of 500 and 2500-series sets, wood subsets and magneto set parts, a partial fiddleback wall phone and ringers, subsets, rotary and touch tone dials, etc.  There are damaged phones, average phones and some ready for display in the manufacturers' boxes - plus a few surprises mixed in.
Link to view sample photos from the Uncataloged Lots.

Many Uncataloged Lots

Many Uncataloged Lots

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